Hei. We are Intunex.

We are a Finnish technology company with a mission to help people work smarter together.


Skillhive is a unique social business application that makes it easier to share, connect and develop expertise inside organizations or professional networks. With Skillhive the right expertise can be gathered effectively and flexibly across the organization for projects or any other shared task. Problem solving becomes faster and experts are able to work smarter together. At the same time management gets a new and up-to-date view on personnel skills and interests.

Training and Consultation

In addition Intunex offers training and consultation for organizations to utilize Skillhive and new ways of working to improve their business performance. What to know more?

Who We Are?

Key people behind Intunex are CEO Janne Ruohisto, CTO Jaakko Naakka and Jussi Ahtikari. Intunex co-operates closely with Mediamaisteri Group as a leading technical partner and HR4 Group Oy as a leading consulting partner.

And most importantly we work closely with all our awesome customers. Interested to join the hive? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to hear from you!

Our Story

Intunex was founded by Janne Ruohisto in 2008 with a mission to help people work smarter together.

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